Israeli Government Approves Medical Marijuana Guidelines

It's interesting to note that the original story was tagged with the keywords "israel crime", not medical marijuana, or marijuana, or medical research, or cannabis or any of the dozens of other keywords that would seem appropriate for an article about marijuana being approved and used medically. 
Haaretz and Ariela Bankier report that the Israeli government approved on Sunday arrangements and supervision regarding the supply of cannabis for medical and research purposes.

A statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's media adviser said "the Health Ministry will – in coordination with the Israel Police and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee the foregoing and will also be responsible for supplies from imports and local cultivation."

Of approximately 6,000 Israelis currently being treated with medical cannabis (aka medical marijuana), most suffer from chronic pain and terminal illnesses. The therapeutic potential of cannabis has been known for many years and is recognized by the Health Ministry.

But many patients – such as sexual assault victims suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), who have been recommended psychiatric treatment with medical cannabis - encounter bureaucratic obstacles.  Of all the places on earth that it would seem to benefit from a non-toxic treatment for PTSD from living in a stressful environment, Israel would seem to be one of them.