Arizona to Close Cannabis Clubs


Arizona’s attorney general is trying to shut down cannabis clubs that he says have been illegally providing medical marijuana to certified patients who have paid the state of Arizona for a medical marijuana card. 

The Attorney General's action filed today, in Maricopa County Superior Court wants to stop cannabis clubs from giving marijuana to patients for a “membership fee.”

Evidently the Attorney General believes it is illegal  under Arizona’s medical marijuana law to exchange marijuana for free in a club setting where members pay to gain access to the club.  In Arizona the patient can grow their own marijuana, or a caregiver can grow it for them.  The caregiver can be reimbursed for their costs of growing the marijuana, however is not allowed to profit.  Unlike the pharmaceutical companies. 

Arizona’s  medical marijuana program was stalled after they sued the federal government in May to find out whether state regulators could face prosecution for being a part of the patient registration, and dispensary licensing process.

That suit essentially stalled the State from moving forward with the licensing, and collective large fees from dispensaries, although the state continued selling medical marijuana cards to patients with qualifying diseases. 

Although the state of Arizona has a problem with certified patients selling to other patients and profiting.  They don't seem to have a problem with profiting themselves.  How much does it cost in the state of Arizona  to become a certified medical marijuana card carrying patient, or a licensed dispensary?  The costs are listed below:

  • $150 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a qualifying patient. Some qualifying patients may be eligible to pay $75 for initial and renewal cards if they currently participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • $200 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a designated caregiver. A caregiver must apply for a new card for every patient under their care (up to five patients).
  • $500 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a dispensary agent.
  • $5,000 for an initial dispensary registration certificate.
  • $1,000 for a renewal dispensary registration certificate.
  • $2,500 to change the location of a dispensary or cultivation facility.
  • $10 to amend, change, or replace a registry identification card.

Seems the state of Arizona doesn't have a problem with profiting themselves from marijuana or marijuana patients.